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The Timeshare Mart is your online marketplace for Timeshare Resales And rentals. Got a timeshare you are thinking of selling? Want to buy timeshare? let us do all the hard work while you sit back and relax!

If you are looking to sell timeshare you have come to the right place. We offer Free Registration of your timeshare for sale. It couldn’t be simpler just complete our online registration form and one of consultants will call you back.

Our services are designed to give you maximum exposure. Selling timeshare can be difficult but at The Timeshare Mart we use all the available online resources to deliver traffic to our website and the timeshare you want to sell. This includes Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked in and More. We also use online advertising platforms such as Ebay, Gumtree, overseas forums and other online media. Pricing your timeshare correctly is one of the most important factors so contact us for an accurate valuation of your timeshare

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We have over 10 years experience in the timeshare resales industry and have a worldwide network of buyers at our disposal. We have a dedicated section on our website for those who want to Sell Marriott Timeshare, Sell Anfi Timeshare, Club la Costa, Diamond Resorts, Pestana and many others.

Through our targeted online marketing campaigns we can present timeshare resales to an international audience. Contact us today to find out why we believe we stand out from our competitors.

How to Sell Timeshare

Watch our video for all you need to know about our Resale service, how we sell and what sets us apart from our competitors


Have you been invited to a presentation or meeting?

You may have seen the adverts on Google or come across a company on the internet that is touting a guaranteed offer for your timeshare of a guaranteed sale. Here you should bear in mind the age old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.” These companies are not Resale Companies.

They are more often than not offering to take your timeshare in part exchange for another product which will also require you to pay an additional sum of money. You can of course go along to see what they have to say but do try not to part with money on the day and always take time to reflect on the proposed offer.

They may tell you that the “special offer” only applies if you sign on the day but in our experience no timeshare company will turn away a deal if you go back to them at a later date. You can seek advice from one of the independent timeshare organisations in either TATOC (The Timeshare Association) or The RDO (The Resort Development Organisation) you could also speak to us at The Timeshare Mart and we will be happy to give you FREE Advice

Question and Answers

Q. I want to sell my timeshare but who will buy it?
A. Just because timeshare no longer suits your requirements doesn’t mean that it wont suit someone else. There are thousands of people buying and touring resorts everyday all over the world. Often they arrive home, search the internet and arrive at our website. Once they have seen how competitive the resale prices are they are often very interested in buying a timeshare.

Q. Ive tried to sell before with no luck, why are you any different?
A.You may well have chosen the wrong type of company to help you. There are many companies that claim to sell timeshare but are simply after upfront registration fee or payment for legal fees for a buyer that fails to materialize (and may never have existed!). At The Timeshare Mart we will give you an accurate free valuation and will give you honest and best advice to enable you to maximize your chances. Sell my timeshare now

Q. Can you guarantee a sale?
A. We cannot guarantee that we will sell it for you however we can guarantee that we will make every effort and give you the best chance of achieving a sale and at the best possible price.

Q. Can I advertise my timeshare with your company?
A. yes you can, simply fill out the free registration form and one of consultants will call you. Our advice is free of charge as well as registration. You can choose from one of our optional advertising packages which we can discuss with you at the time. Whatever you decide to do with us we will give you the best advice on how to sell.

Q. I have paid another resale company and I haven’t heard anything?
A. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients so with us you will receive regular updates and feedback on what is being done to sell your timeshare. Some companies unfortunately do little or nothing. However depending on which company you have paid before and as long as they are a UK registered company we may offer you a money back guarantee if they sell it before us.

Q. Im not sure if i want to sell or list my Timeshare for rent
A. Thats fine. We offer a Timeshare Rentals service and with our flexible approach you can do both. The person renting it may even decide to buy it from you.